ASNKAR profile 2020


ASNKAR. Co. was founded in 1987 and started working on (used iron trading) .In1989 started working on manufacturing doors, window frames, fences and building supplies. In 1991 ASNKAR improved its work-field by shifting to produce shark cable fences and shingles, up to 1996 which showed a remarkable improvement in various metal productions. Between 1996 to 2003 ASNKAR could touch some other progress such as work sites, adaptation tools and machines keeping in mind international qualities. From 2003 up to now performed more than one thousand different projects and has more than sixteen staffs consisting of professional and specialist employees having experience between ten to thirty years. ASNKAR depends on local product requests such as armor concretes, cement pipes, fences, concrete polls , and also we started at 2008 with opening new factory (ASNKAR ) for Salon Steel Structure making , working in Hall using Sandwich Panel and Corrugated Sheets or any other cover that use for covering Salon or Halls , which we can do any project with using Steel Structure , considering all conditions which may occurs like ( Snow , Earthquake , Rain …etc ) , and also we can do Caravans using Sandwich Panel , and Steel Bridge for people or cars as well according to the supplier demand